Enzymes and Your Health, Introduction

Friday, June 16, 2017

Proper nutrition in this day and age of GMOs and widespread air, water and land pollution, is tricky at best. Just in my lifetime we have gone from a near pristine world to one where pollution runs rampant.

The Mediterranean Sea, once abundant with life, has been dead since the 1950's. The air we breathe is being polluted by not only industry but by the infernal combustion engine to the point where the very air we breathe, which sustains life, became so polluted that pollution was detected at the peak of Mount Everest in the 1950's.

Major world cities, even in this modern age of enlightenment regarding pollution, such as Victoria, BC (yes, there are many more, mostly in Asia and Africa), pump both raw and nearly untreated sewage directly into the ocean that surrounds and sustains it.

With polluted or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) rampant worldwide, an increasing world population competing for the little bit of nutrition we can gain, we need to be prepared to supplement our diets with the proper enzymes in order to insure proper obsorption of nutrients and good health because our bodies are getting the nutrition we need to maintain that health.

The producers of Bio88+ (Plus) use only the very finest “certified” organic components in the making of their highly nutritious food product. In itself it provides virtually all of the added nutrition, in the form of vitamins and minerals, that you need in your diet in order to maintain excellent health. Bio88+ (Plus) is produced in a government supervised laboratory using an ancient Native North American fermentation process. Feel free to contact the author by email for additional information.

Our next article, Part II, provide us an understanding of where enzymes come from and what they do.

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